Why migrating Magento to Shopify is becoming more popular?


Why migrating Magento to Shopify is becoming more popular?

With the purpose of supporting sellers to solve their issues, Shopify has been released with a reasonable price for SMB (small-to-medium business).

Shopify is defined as a hosted e-commerce foundation. Although there might have some shortages, Shopify is believed to be an ideal alternative to Magento. Since the last two years, Shopify has been transformed and attracted numerous users, which is considered a threat to Magento.

To reply Shopify, in April 2016, Magento presented a new hosted platform for its customers. However, due to the complicated process and risky situation, Magento platform becomes an expensive tool when compared to Shopify. As a result, many customers of Magento have changed into Shopify’s users and this number is predicted to increase in the future. What is striking most about Shopify is that it will be updated automatically and lessen the cost related to theme issues. Also, it will provide users with a responsive tool to manage their requiring majors.

At first, people might have difficulties in adopting a new platform. However, not until they tried it did they realize that Shopify is a powerful and effective platform and suitable for any customers.

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