What you need to check before running your Shopify store?


What you need to check before running your Shopify store?

What you need to check before running your Shopify store? Given by Shopify experts, below are indispensable things you have to do before give life for your Shopify website.

  1. Payment Gateway

It is the most important thing you need to check because of no payment gateway exists, no sales period works. Therefore, your payment gateway has to be setup as well as linked to your bank account or any other alternative accounts exactly. The best way to avoid lots of pain later on, you should test orders some times to ensure that the payment works efficiently.

  1. Fulfillment

The other things you need care about are Shipping and Fulfillment. Ensure that you have a strategy for arranging your fulfillment as much as possible. No matter what size of your store, you should find a solution to transfer your products to clients as quickly as possible. Especially, shipping method is on the top of ranking of customer when they choose buying a product.

  1. SEO and Marketing

You should take advantage of SEO maximum when launching your Shopify store. An effective way now is create accounts in different social network sites. But you need to make sure that your pages are unique and bring the own styles. That ensures your brand recognition and continuity in user experience.

In case you migrating an available page to Shopify remember that the URLs of your page will be changed, so you have to take a hit in search engines while the information is being updated. Thus, the best way is that keep your site have SEO friendly to limit the delay during transition process as much as possible.

  1. Sitemap Submission

This step helps your online store well established on search engines. Shopify has a feature which creates an auto-updated sitemap for all sites on their platform at yoursite.myshopify.com/sitemap.xml. However, you still need to be sure to submit it to search engines.

  1. Domain Setup

Domain setting will keep the site domain map to your new Shopify store correctly when you run the site domain. In Shopify, you can add a simple CNAME entry to point your www to the server and then ass your domain. After that, this domain will be routed to your Shopify website.

  1. Meta Tags

Search engines will use Meta tags to display your pages in search results. And proper Meta tag management will help your site at a good rank among competitors. Therefore, you should find a suitable app to manage the Meta fields for your pages.

  1. Responsive Shopify theme

Customers may access to your website by multiple devices, so to ensure your site display perfectly, you should test your site in a responsive checker tool for all devices.

Above are important things you need to check to have a Shopify store work smoothly. Hope that they are useful for you.

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