Using Link Lists to make a Trends page in Shopify website


Using Link Lists to make a Trends page in Shopify website

Trends pages is a quick way for customers to find new collections and brands that they know and trust. Trends page contains both brand recognition and a sense of trust. This is important to make this page in your Shopify website.

Step 1: Create collections

You need to get all your collections you will display in order by uploading all the different brand pictures into collections.

Step 2: Create a link list within the navigation

You (or your client) can order or reorder the soon to be made brands/trends page at this link.

Step 3: Create the page template

Go to the theme editor and tap Edit HTML/CSS then create a new page template

Step 4: Populate the template

Step 5: add the collection-within-collection

You need to add the elusive collection-within-collection where all the magic happens. You will create a new snippet and name it collection-within-collection

Step 6: Link it all up

Create a brand’s page and change the template to page.collection then tap Save

Step 7: Admire your handy work

Now when you click on the collection pictures, they will link to all the products housed in collection. And your customers can easily switch the order and switch the collections out right from the link list created

Hope you successful.

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