Top 17 Free Shopify apps to increase revenues in 2018


Top 17 Free Shopify apps to increase revenues in 2018

Among countless shopping cart platforms being used today, Shopify is regarded as the biggest and most successful one which brings powerful advantages to E-commerce sites. With more than 2000 great apps included, Shopify is definitely a valuable tool helping merchants to effectively manage daily tasks, extending functionalities for their store and ultimately run their business easier.

However, when it comes to choosing the best apps in such a huge number of available ones, merchants possibly get confused. Understanding this situation, we crawled through hundreds of listings and after separating the wheat from the chaff, here is the list of top 17 free apps we thought would benefit your store best without spending a penny!

Top 17 Free Shopify apps to increase revenues in 2018

#1 Contact Form Standard

Contact forms are a great way to create and build relationships with your customers. Offering customers chances to connect with you on a personal level shows that you care about growing the relationship, and presents an opportunity to answer their questions.

If you are searching for an app which you can create your own contact form seamlessly and encompass the best features, Contact Form Standard is exactly for you. This app allows users to create customizable forms by enabling them to edit colors, backgrounds to match their site. Also, with Google reCAPCHA integrated into this app, there is no need to worry about the security of your website.

#2 Easy FAQ

Creating a beautiful and informative FAQ page is an indispensable step if you want to optimize sales for your online site.

With Easy FAQ, you can create a nice FAQ responsive page easily without technical knowledge. Here are some powerful features you can enjoy when installing this app:

  • Easy to manage FAQ page
  • Able to embed images and videos
  • Able to set FAQ skin: easy to customize front-end via backend setting
  • Optimize loading speed
  • Optimize SEO 

#3 Recover Cart Pusher

If you want to make a higher conversion rate for your store, then Recover Cart Pusher is a not-to-miss app!

This app can automatically send personalized push notifications to the customers who have abandoned a cart right on their desktops. It allows them to go directly to their cart with just one click, and complete their purchases immediately. Also, there is no need for the customers to check emails or visit your site, notifications are delivered right on their desktops which results in a higher likeliness of their click-through.

With this app installed in your stores, you can save a lot of time and improve the chances of recovering the lost sales from abandoned carts.

#4 Kit

This app helps you to establish your marketing plans by suggesting the best marketing activities for growing sales. You can create a discount code, launch a campaign to lure visitors to your store, send thank-you emails to clients and much more once you install it.

#5 Countdown Cart

This app does it best with creating urgency for customers. For those who tend to delay their buying, Countdown Cart sets a countdown timer to motivate them to purchase the products before the due time. Thus, customers can make their purchases faster and generate a traffic at your point of sale.

Incredibly easy to use is what best describes this app. Within just 1-click installing, you can enjoy the awesome benefits it brings.

#6 Sale Pops

Just 1 week after being launched in January 2017, Sales Pop hit No.1 on the top of best-selling apps. With 60,000 active users and more than 8,000 reviews, this app has gained huge popularity in the E-commerce industry.

What makes Sale Pops such a well-liked app? It is definitely a perfect tool for merchants to boost up sales. By displaying the purchase activities on your store via real-time notification popups, Sale pops let customers know what people are buying from your store, thus creates a positive influence and stimulate them to make purchases.

For those who desire to increase customer engagement and conversion rate for their e-commerce site, it is a big mistake to miss out this app.

#7 Quick Facebook Chat

When it comes to communicating with brands, more and more people are preferring Facebook messenger than other platforms because they believe that it leads to greater and more authentic conversations. This platform has become popular for social messaging and proved to be the future of engaging, nurturing and selling to your customers.

Quick Facebook Chat was born with an aim to create friendly and instant communications with your customers. Once installed, this app enables customers to initiate a conversation through Facebook Chat Widget straight away and automatically capture the chat history. Therefore, it creates a frictionless and familiar experience for your customers and lifts up your conversion rate at the same time.

#8 Instagram Shop by Snapppt

This app will incredibly boost up your sales by making your Instagram feed shoppable. Most of the visitors nowadays are using shopping galleries to discover new brands and for online shopping inspiration. With Snapppt, it is possible for followers and prospects coming from other channels to buy the products they see in your Instagram posts. There is no need for them to hunt down the items they saw in your Instagram feed in your store as each Instagram image is now linked with “buy” button. Just click through the button and they can get what they want!

#9 Mobile Web Boost

More than two-thirds of the worldwide population now are using mobile phones, thus go mobile-friendly is a great strategy in making more money for an E-commerce site. However, the conversion rates for mobiles still lag way behind desktop conversions. It is simply because shopping on desktops brings a much better experience than on small screen devices.

What is the solution? Mobile Web Boost is highly recommended for your site. This app will help eliminate the disadvantages and bring customers frictionless experience when browsing Shopify store on mobile devices. If your plan includes mobile, try this app and you won’t regret.

#10 Rewards, referrals, and VIP by

With 3 programs namely Rewards, referrals and VIP in one place, this app helps you to run your reward program efficiently and intuitively. It provides the most powerful paid features which make your programs shine and lead to higher chance of repeated purchases.

Having over 5 years of experience and launching thousands of programs, is recognized as the most popular rewards program tool in the world. Such a pity to miss this app out in your must-have list!

#11 Personalized Recommendation

Knowing customer favors and tastes, thus recommending the rights products for them are what really give your site more chances for sales, upsell and cross-sell. And that’s exactly what Personalized Recommendation is for.

This tool encompasses the most powerful features: collect and analyze customer shopping behaviors, suggest the products customers desire to buy, boost their order value by upselling techniques, thus increases the sales volume to the maximum.

#12 Auto Currency Switcher

If you want to spread your business across the globe, it is essential that your site is able to display prices in various currencies for foreign customers.

Auto Currency Switcher will perfectly help you with that. By automatically displaying the prices of the customer’s home currency and save them from the pain of mathematical gymnastic, this app makes your site to be more approachable to international audiences and accordingly increase your global sales.

#13 Happy Email

Welcome emails play an important role in creating the first impression for customers because it marks the beginning of the relationship between them and your store.

With Happy Email, a thank-you letter will be automatically sent to your customers in 30 minutes after they make their first purchase or sign up a new account. This is what really hits it off with new customers and helps your store to establish trust and cultivate the relationship with them.

#14 Better Coupon Box

This app provides special offers and discounts to the visitors thus boost up the conversion rate and engage more social visitors in your store.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on ads, Better Coupon Box is strongly recommended as it effectively converts more visitors to customers, at no cost.

#15 Bulk Image Edit

In the success of any online business, the factor that is not-to-opt-out is images. A right image size won’t slow down your site loading speed, which leads to a chance of ranking higher in Google. The higher your store ranks, the more traffic you will get and the more money you will make.

With Bulk Image Edit, you can easily edit image size without affecting the image quality, thus ensures the fastest loading speed.

#16 Infinite Options

The name of this app clearly describes it. Options are not restricted, you can set an unlimited number of product customizations for your products so that customers can have more choices as per their demands which definitely enhances their purchase experience.

#17 Easy Ship

You don’t want to lose a customer just because of complex shipping procedure and high delivery cost.

With Easy Ship, almost shipping issues can be solved. No need to create multiple accounts, just one account is all you need to access 100+ shipping solutions. Once installed, this app will let customers choose the cheapest, fastest or best value for money shipping solutions which accordingly boost conversions for your store.

Above is the list of 17 best Shopify Apps for free which we think will help you run your e-commerce store more effectively. Now, it’s time to add the best-suited ones for your store and begin to boost up your sales!

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