Some design tips to reduce bounce rate in your Shopify store


Some design tips to reduce bounce rate in your Shopify store

Bounce rate is considered as the percentage of site visitors who lands on a page and only looks at said page before leaving without interacting with it. The bounce may affect to engagement, conversion, sales and revenue in your store. And design in your website is one of the main factors influencing to bounce rate. In this post, we will suggest some tips to reduce bounce rate maximal.

  1. Make site navigation a stellar experience

A dreadful navigation will make the bounce rate in your site higher. You know that no visitor wants to access to a website where they cannot find information they are looking for just a text tell they where they can find needed information.

There are some suggested tips for you:

  • Don’t hide the navigation menu (no hamburger menu!)
  • Use specific and clearly understandable labeling in the menu
  • Use layered navigation and flyout menus if you have many pages and choices on your site
  • Position the navigation in conventional spots, like horizontally across the top of the page or vertically along the left side of the page
  1. Align search campaign and landing page message

Customers conduct searching and need receiving various results by key word they search. Therefore, you should optimize your site properly.

  1. Speed up your site

Speed is really a key issue affecting to whether customer stay at your site or not, and of course, it affects to bounce rate too. There is no reason to keep customers stay, search, stick around your site while they have to wait too long to load any redirect page. The ideal speed for you page could be between less than 0.5 and 3 seconds.

Hope that these suggestions will help you improve the bounce rate in your site and get more revenue.

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