Social biases and how to use them to Shopify store?


Social biases and how to use them to Shopify store?

Bias is the tendency of customers to think certain way, even if it is not the most rational or logical way of thinking. In case store owners can catch this tendency, there are multiple positive results they can get. Let’s see the social biases that can help you increase the sales.

  1. Halo effect

This is created thanks to the positive experience with products they used. And then they tend to use other products in same company with product they used. For example, you will buy a MacBook instead of the other kind of laptop because of positive experiences with your iPhone. Store owner can apply this concept to store by searching your store’s trait and pointing out what is the store’s strength. Then you focus on the positive traits and the strengths of your store and create a halo around your current products.

  1. In-group bias

These groups can be created based on trivial, observable traits and meaningful, hidden traits. The sociologist showed that humans is a specie jointed together in groups by nature and have an innate tendency to favor their own group over others.

Therefore, store owners should catch this psychology to get more customers to increase revenues in yours store. You should research the group of customers you are marketing to and figure out their hobbies, demands then paying attention to support products fitting with them.

The reasons making customers buy or do not buy are always complex so just a suitable price and significant products are not enough if you want to get more revenue. Hopefully you can apply these cognitive biases and increase sales in your Shopify store.

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