Shopify’s Kit virtual shop assistant is now free for all merchants


Shopify’s Kit virtual shop assistant is now free for all merchants

Kit is the virtual assistant that is taken by Shopify last year and now, it is free for all merchants, as a basic part of their merchant services. That’s a big deal for the previously premium service, both in terms of how far it can reach, and in terms of what it can do for Shopify’s user base.

Kit works as a virtual assistant of Shopify merchants and takes responsibility to connect with their store, Facebook and various other customer vectors and can handle a lot of inward as well as outward facing store and marketing management.

Kit can help resolve inventory management, dynamically adjusting Facebook ads, sending emails out to new customers, running reports on various aspects of a merchant’s shop and more, and all of this is controlled via Facebook Messenger, Telegram or SMS via a conversational interface.

Shopify says that Kit has strong adoption with 800 percent growth since it came in-house and 5x more customers drive too merchants stores via Facebook ads thanks to Kit compared to the same volume of inbound when compared year over year. The company is hoping merchants to find out the other abilities of Kit.

Michael Perry, co-founder of Kit, said “When Shopify looked to acquire Kit and we started that conversation, the really interesting challenge in front of us was ‘Can we help somebody start their business, and have their first employee within five minutes?” and “This is a very mission-driven decision; we have no intentions of Kit ever not being free or upselling people on things.

The main goal of Kit is to help Shopify store owners manage their works better. At present, Kit has nearly 20 skills available and in the future, its skills may be expanded. Kit is designed with hope of being a free and useful “virtual employee” for all Shopify merchants.

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