Shopify vs WordPress


Shopify vs WordPress

Shopify and WordPress are both top popular platforms recently. These 2 platforms have friendly interfaces, nice services, and support medium-sized businesses. If you are considering choose one of them to start your business, let’s refer to our article below to have clearer view.


WordPress is a blogging platform which allows working with extensions and plugins. Now, there is about 65 percent of CMS websites running on WordPress. This platform owns a cost-efficient service and simple administrator system, and is totally open-source. Installing, setting up and working with WordPress are also easy. This platform is better choice for company focusing on blogging as it revolves around blogging ad utilizes SEO optimization efficiently.


Shopify is designed as an e-commerce platform and of course is hosted site so it has stronger security system than the blogging platform. This platform supports many of free and modern templates and themes as well as an app store allowing store owners add more add-ons with a low range of price. Shopify also offers the ability to work with third-party. It should be a choice for those who rely on online store.

From the details above, you surely know which one is better. In some terms, Shopify is quite more powerful than WordPress as it offers better selections of templates, security and services. However, if your company just relies on blogging, WordPress is quite good enough.

In short, basing on each purpose of business, you should choose a suitable one. Hope that with our information above, you can decide to choose a fit platform easier.

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