Shopify vs WooCommerce design: Which is the best choice?


Shopify vs WooCommerce design: Which is the best choice?

Generally, both Shopify and WooCommerce are the most popular e-commerce platforms now. Each platform has its own strengths as well as weakness and satisfies users with theirs certain using purposes.

It is quite hard to compare these 2 platforms because each one contains its unique type. In this post, we will go with design factor which is one of the most important one deciding the success of your online business in comparing Shopify vs WooCommerce to clarify which one is the best platform?


Shopify is designed with the visual quality of the themes, which is its one of the most significant points. There are more than 100 different store templates with fashionably sleek and clean aesthetic in which more than 20 ones are free in Shopify. That helps user create a modern and pretty and perfect website.

Shopify includes a professional web designers who make sure all their designs are absolutely perfect.

However, besides the free options, the price of premium ones are quite high.

Shopify allows webmasters to select the same themes. Therefore, the customization is encouraged.

Setting colors for Shopify website is also easy and convenient


WooCommerce is a plugin which is created by the developers from WooThemes. Thus, there are no specific design traits on its own. It just provides you the tools helping you sell products and services online.

WooCommerce is created to cooperate with most themes on the market. So in most cases, you can set any WordPress theme you like to WooCommerce store.

But still there are themes built in WooCommerce which are also really great. If you pay attention to the design of the e-commerce store, you should look into some of those themes.

You should start at Storefront, which contains all the important factors of an e-commerce store and helps you sell more effectively.

In Storefront, you can set mode child themes if you want to customize the look in your store later. You need to pay $39 a piece for most of these. For some themes, you have to pay more expensive, even $119.

Determining whether Shopify or WooCommerce has advantage over is really hard. Therefore, as an e-commerce businessman, let’s try comparing which one is more outstanding.

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