Shopify vs Drupal


Shopify vs Drupal

Choosing a suitable platform for your e-commerce site is definitely an important decision as it is worse that you used a long period of time and then realizing that the platform you chose is not fixed your demand. So to help you make your decision easier, we give you some comparison between Shopify and Drupal. Hope that they are useful for you.

Differences between Shopify and Drupal


Besides the fees for processing your payments, Shopify user needs to pay for transactions fee and the plan’s fee monthly. The basic cost with Shopify is about more than 100 dollars a year to store rather than having a custom e-commerce site hosted by Drupal with Neubreed.


You will pay in US dollar with Shopify and AUS dollars with Drupal


With Shopify, you can find some templates, some of them are free and some are not. And each template has certain functionalities and you need to choose a suitable one for your store. For Drupal users, you will work with graphic designers to establish the functionalities for your template at the beginning.


Shopify users can easily update content and edit pages of their site the same to Drupal. And with Drupal, you can protect the integrity of website design.

Design and Development

For both platforms, you need to ask the help from graphic designers then pay for them.

In summary, Shopify is a great choice for those who want to test the market with the idea and simply have no money to invest in a custom design. For those who have finance and want to support higher service and functionalities for their customers, you should choose Drupal. And of course, Shopify can also support you the same. And remember that you get what you pay for.

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