Shopify vs Big Cartel


Shopify vs Big Cartel

You’re ready to start your e-commerce store, but you are overwhelming with many of platforms for running your store. Among the multiple options, we focus on two Shopify vs Big Cartel. In this post, we will compare some facts of Shopify vs Big Cartel.


Shopify is a Canada-based, software-as-a-service e-commerce platform. This platform contains all the functionality you need to list products on a website. They also sell an integrated point-of-sale system for multichannel business who want to expand from e-commerce to brick and mortar.

One of the most awesome features about Shopify is its app. It supports more than 1100 apps and plugins which expand the capabilities of Shopify store and allow you to integrate your Shopify store with all sorts of external platforms.

The layout of Shopify is quite simple with the left navigation separated out into the functional area.

Shopify’s price ranges from $9 to $179 each month. It does not support free version but users can get a 14-day trial.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a Salt Lake City, UT-based e-commerce platform. It is software-as-a-service and consists of the basic features which need to run an online store.

Big Cartel is a small company with fewer than 30 employees. It doesn’t include the market exposure or press coverage.

Big Cartel doesn’t have a nice layout. It uses a standard top tab layout, hidden behind some moderately confusing iconography. Its interface is snappy and not much clean and smooth.

The money that user have to pay for Big Cartel each month ranges from $10 to $30.

A notable thing that you need to know is that Big Cartel allows 300 products in your store.

That’s some facts about Shopify vs Big Cartel. Hope that they are helpful for you to choose a right platform for your e-commerce business.

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