Setting HTTPS for Shopify website


Setting HTTPS for Shopify website

Using https helps your Shopify website safer and more secured. To use this protocol, you need SSL certificates. After you choose a plan for Shopify store than remove the password from your store, you can activate the SSL certificates in your Shopify admin then you can encrypt your online store’s content and publish it securely using https.

After having SSL certificates in your Shopify store, you can do many things like addling a new layer security to your online store by using https or building customer trust by display the SSL padlock icon beside your online store’s URL.

If you display content some contents such as images, videos, or webfonts on your store but they are hosted somewhere other than Shopify, then you are able to verify it on the Domains settings page in the Shopify admin to ensure it doesn’t invalidate your online store’s SSL certificate.

To ensure your Shopify store stay secure, you can perform some tasks such as:

  • Host all contents in your online store on Shopify or a server that publishes over HTTPS
  • Host the video content on a service which publishes over HTTPS
  • Make sure webfronts are published over HTTPS from their source.


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