Selling products of your Shopify store on Instagram


Selling products of your Shopify store on Instagram

Nowadays, selling on the social networks is becoming more and more popular and brings the huge benefits for store owners. Instagram now is one of the biggest social networks with millions of users so it is a potential market for all merchants. When selling products of your Shopify store on Instagram, you can create tags for your products then your customers can find it easily and go to your store quickly.

However, to use Instagram for online sales, your Shopify store has to meet some requirements such as:

For store owners:

  • You have to be on the basic Shopify plan or higher
  • You need have products in a Facebook catalog
  • You have to use Online Store sales channel
  • You need an Instagram account with a profile setup
  • You are using the latest version of Instagram which is available in the US

For your products:

  • They are physical products
  • They are available to your Online Store sales channel
  • They are suitable for a certain category

Setup Instagram product tagging

*Note: Ensure that you have a Facebook Business account with products added

  • Create your Instagram account and a business profile
  • Go to Settings > Products then enable the products tagging. You can see feature review here
  • Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Business account and your Facebook product catalog
  • Choose your Facebook catalog
  • Tap Next > Done

Then you have to wait until receiving a notification from Instagram informing that you are approved to tag products.

Review your Instagram connection in Shopify

Check to ensure that your Instagram profile in Shopify is connected to your Facebook business page.

Manage your product catalog

  • Open your Instagram profile then go to Settings > Products
  • Confirm your Facebook business account
  • Choose the catalog you want to tag on Instagram
  • Press Done

Tag your products on Instagram

  • Once you’ve selected photos, add captions, effects, and filters, tap Tag product from the Share screen.
  • Click the product in the photo you want to tag.
  • Enter the name of the product you want to tag and then select their names when they appear in the search box.
  • Click Done > Share

Move tags for your products

  • Go to your post including product tag you want to move
  • Tap on (Android) or (iPhone)
  • Click Edit
  • Click profile icon
  • Drag the cards from their current location to the location you want
  • Click Done

Delete tags for your products

  • Go to your post including product tag you want to delete
  • Tap on (Android) or (iPhone)
  • Click Edit
  • Click profile icon
  • Click on the tags you want to delete
  • Click Done

We’ve shown you all tutorials to tag products to sell products of your Shopify store on Instagram. Hope all of you can follow.

Thanks for reading!

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