Selling products of your Shopify store on Facebook


Selling products of your Shopify store on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most potential markets for sales online so most of online store owns at least a Facebook page displaying their products. Today, we will give you the way to start selling products of you Shopify store on Facebook.

The way to sell products of your Shopify store on Facebook

Create your Facebook sales channel

  • Create a Facebook page
  • Add your sales channel in your Shopify admin
  • Select a Facebook checkout if you are eligible
  • Publish your products an collections to your Facebook page then your page will appear s Shop tab

Add Facebook sales channels

  • Go to Shopify Admin then tap + button next to Sales channels heading
  • In Add sales channel, (tap Facebook if you want to see more details about sales channel), press Add channel
  • Connect the Facebook account you want associated with your products
  • Go to Facebook > Account > Connect account
  • Login to your Facebook account if you have not logged in yet or confirm you are using right account if you logged in
  • In Log in with Facebook dialog, follow all prompts to collect your Shopify store with your Facebook page
  • Wait for Facebook to review your Shopify store until receiving an email notification

Remove a sales channel

In case you want to stop selling products on Facebook, do as follows to delete your sales channel:

  • Go to Shopify Admin > Settings > Sales channels > click the trash next to Facebook sales channel
  • Tap Remove Facebook

Done! If you have any question, contact us for the help.
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