Merchants now are able to integrate PayPal with Shopify


Merchants now are able to integrate PayPal with Shopify

PayPal and Shopify recently have tied up to bring more payment options for Shopify merchants. Both domestic and international transactions now can be carried out seamlessly on a Shopify account.

This strengthened partnership has brought in a big advantage to e-commerce industry of many countries all over the world, especially India. This country said that its online-selling industry is expected to exceed $100 billion marks by 2020, meaning it is continuing to grow tremendously. Shopify provides a great tool for small to medium enterprises in India to build and manage their own online store effectively in their home country and ultimately reach out to a global audience.

“Shopify has been helping merchants take the first step towards online selling and we bridge the trust gap between merchants and consumers, by ensuring safe and secure transactions in India, as well as across 200 markets.” Devendra Trivedi, Director, Channel Partnerships, PayPal India said. He also added that the increasing number of small entrepreneurs as well as the partnership can create more motivations for “Make in India” initiative of the India Union Government.

Shopify’s enabling third-party integration, PayPal helps online stores to run their site and address everything from marketing to logistics. Besides, they can raise customer trust.

The leading concern of any third-party integration perhaps is website security and PayPal can ensure that for merchants. Endowed with security features like Seller Protection, this platform is a great place for securing online transactions and protecting merchants from unauthorized payments and reversals caused by fraud and “not received” claims.

Sandeep Komaravelly, Director of BRIC, Shopify said that the company purposes to empower online sellers all over the globe. Shopify is now being used by more than 600,000 businesses from 175 countries in the world. Since the partnership between Shopify and PayPal was established, merchants now can enjoy a seamless payment experience whether they have their websites run in domestic or international markets.

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