Magento vs Shopify – Which one is better?


Magento vs Shopify – Which one is better?

Choosing a suitable e-commerce platform to start your business online is not an easy work, particularly the small business as it has to make do with limited resources and budgets. Magento and Shopify are two top of good platforms now and they are always in debate of which one is better. In this post, I will show you some facts of the two platforms to help you have general look when comparing them.


Now Magento is considered as one of the flexible e-commerce platforms so for tech-savvy store owners, they can exploit a huge source of benefits with this platform.

Shopify is a friendly platform with nice interface simple tools, and easy to use; therefore, this platform is quite easy for beginners who have a little knowledge about online business.

Prices and extra fee

For Magento, you can choose one 1 two options Magento CE and Magento EE. You will need pay for Magento EE based on the size of your store but use Magento CE free.

For Shopify, you will have 14-day free trial, after that you need to buy a monthly subscription (at least $29 for basic program).


Magento is reviewed as extremely SEO-optimized with multiple functionalities supported. Magento supports lots of SEO settings like Meta tags for home pages and products, images optimization canonical tags for categories and products, etc. And Magento SEO got 100/100 points from experts.

Shopify is also highly SEO-optimized. It support some main needed SEO features in all plans: editable title tags, Meta descriptions, pages URLs, ALT tags for images, customizable image file names, etc. Shopify SEO also got 98/100 points in a research of

Templates and Design

Currently, there are about hundreds of free themes and numerous free templates available. For the paid ones, the prices just start from $0.01. Especially, all of them are customizable, user-friendly and responsive designs to all devices.

There is a big theme store for Shopify website to create responsive e-business templates. Now Shopify supports 9 free web templates. For paid one, the prices start from $140.

Customer Support

Appearing problems when working with open-source platform is unavoidable but don’t worry, there are so many developer forums available on internet and you can search information and knowledge there. And Magento also provides an extensive developer community with most frequent asked questions answered.

Shopify provides user 24/7 responsive customer support via email, phone, or live chat so whenever you meet any problems, your issue will be solved quickly. Besides, the available tips, guides and tutorial on its website also help store owners manage and maintain their store better.

So after all facts above, which one is better?

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