Integrate Vend with Shopify store


Integrate Vend with Shopify store

Vend is one of the most advanced POS solutions for e-commerce retailers so integrating your Shopify with this world leading multi-store POS will bring you many benefits. With this integration, Shopify store owner can increase efficiency and maximize profits by easily managing inventory across multiple placements and channels, access to a real-time overview of sales performance, gather detailed information about what is actually selling, and grow your business by managing your customer base.

When connecting your Shopify with Vend, you will get a list of features below:

  • Inventory sync: Make a sale in-store or online, receive new stock, or complete a count; inventory syncs in real-time across locations and systems.
  • Omnichannel inventory: Choose which inventory you want to display online, whether it’s everything you have or the stock from select stores and warehouses.
  • Order sync: Orders placed in your Shopify store automatically sync to Vend in real-time, updating your sales ledger and inventory on hand.
  • Product management: Manage a single catalog across online and offline channels — no more double entry. Choose which products to sell online at the click of a button.
  • Product import: Quickly and easily import your entire catalog into Vend. Vend instantly syncs product updates to Shopify, so your online store updates in real-time.
  • Customer updates: Vend creates new customers when Shopify orders are placed and links orders from existing customers with their records in your Vend database.
  • Reporting: Store owners can view sales reports across online and offline operations in a single system and report on your online sales and customers in Vend.

You can get all advanced tools for multi-location retailers to sell across multiple channels.

The way to connect Shopify store with Vend is so simple. You just need to go along with the following guide:

  • Step 1: Sign up for Vend. You can choose 30-day trial to start
  • Step 2: Use your Shopify account to connect with Vend
  • Step 3: import the products in your Shopify store and sync form Vend with just 1 click.

That’s all. Now you can sell more via multiple channels and boost sales in your Shopify store.

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