Integrate Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store


Integrate Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store

Facebook Pixel is JavaScript code for website, which allows you to rate customize and create object for your ad campaign.

With Facebook Pixel, you can take advantage all the activities of visitors at your Shopify website and devices in order to notify your ad campaigns. This is a really effective tool bring your products out widely.

There are 2 methods to add Facebook Pixel to your Shopify website.

  1. Integrate Facebook Pixel in your online preferences


  • You just need to enter your Facebook Pixel IN to use Facebook Pixel integration.
  • In case you added Facebook Pixel code to the pages of your store, you have to remove all existing code before integrate.

Step 1: Go to Shopify admin=> Online store=> preferences

Step 2: In Facebook Pixel section, enter your Facebook Pixel ID

Step 3: Tap Save

  1. Add Facebook Pixel code to Additional Scripts

This method is quite complicated because you need some knowledge of HTML.


If you integrate your Facebook Pixel account by adding your ID, it may cause incorrect or duplicated results when you add the pixel code to your store pages.

Step 1: Go to Shopify admin=> Settings=> Checkout

Step 2: In Order processing section, tap Additional Scripts text box.

Step 3: Copy the Facebook Pixel code from Ads Manager and paste it into Additional Scripts text box.

Step 4: Tap Save

After adding Facebook Pixel into your Shopify website, you need verify whether Facebook Pixel is working or not.

Go to Ads Manager on Facebook=> Facebook Pixel

Then you will see your pixel dashboard. It means Facebook Pixel is working.

In case there is no data in your dashboard, it may be 2 reasons below:

  • No activity yet:

In this case, Facebook hasn’t received data from the pixel yet. And you should wait for customers interact with your store and generate data.

  • No recent activity:

It means no conversion is recorded in the past. In this case, you need to return to your store pages, check that the visit is tracked by Facebook Pixel. If it shows up, it means the pixel is working.

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