Integrate Apple Pay into your Shopify store


Integrate Apple Pay into your Shopify store

Supporting simpler payment method for customers is a strategic way to make customers satisfy with your store. Apple Pay is an option for Shopify store owners in case they want to apply more payment method for their store. This tool will help your store increase conversion rates significantly.

Apple Pay is mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. that lets users make payments using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Apple Pay does not require Apple Pay-specific contactless payment terminals, and can work with existing contactless terminals.

Let’s see the reasons why you should integrate Apple Pay in your Shopify store!


Instead of submitting credit card information traditionally, Apple Pay uses a tokenization system to pass through payment details. That means merchants will not store customer card details so no one can trace customer’s information for specific purpose.


Using Apple Pay as payment method will take customers less time. A test was performed to compare Apple Pay and credit card transactions on different Apple devices. Then the result they received was that Apple Pay transaction was just as approximately a quarter as credit card one.

How does it work?

iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac users use Apple Pay by uploading their credit card information which will be tokenized with a unique device number for them. When purchasing, customers use Touch ID fingerprint on their devices to pay.

Shopify stores also have the same streamlined customer payments to business bank account without paying any fee.

How to integrate Apple Pay to Shopify store?

Step 1:

Comply with Apple Pay on the Web Acceptable Use Guidelines and supply all server requirements.

There are separate requirements for customers and merchants when applying Apple Pay:

For customers:

On Desktop:

  • Users must have a card authorized for Apple Pay in their Wallet app
  • Be using Safari 10 with macOS Sierra
  • Be signed into the same Apple ID as on their iPhone, iPad or Watch.
  • Have bluetooth enabled on their mac.

On mobile:

  • Users must have a card authorized for Apple Pay in their Wallet app.
  • Be using Safari on a compatible device with iOS 10.

For merchants:

  • You have to be using one of the following payment gateways
    • Shopify Payments
    • Stripe
    • First Data
    • Payeezy
    • net
    • CyberSource
  • An activated SSL certificate
  • Customer accounts must be disabled or set as optional

Step 2:

Login to Shopify store> Admin> Settings> Payments> Payment Gateway> Edit

Step 3:

Tick the box next to Apple Pay logo in Digital Wallets Accepted section

Step 4:

Save settings

That’s all. Hope you guys can activate Apple Pay successfully for Shopify store to get multiple benefits.

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