Increase sales volume with new Instagram stories feature by Shopify


Increase sales volume with new Instagram stories feature by Shopify

Selling on Instagram is getting more and more popular. Instead of pouring money into Facebook advertising, many shop owners have turned to Instagram and gradually considered this as an effective channel to promote their products and boost their store traffic.

When it comes to optimizing Instagram shopping, it is a big mistake to miss out Shopify. This platform has provided a lot of powerful features which make Instagram not only shoppable but become a great site for making countless sales.

Stickers adding

Recently, Shopify has launched a new Instagram stories feature which allows merchants to include stickers on Instagram stories. As the stories will vanish after 24 hours, this is an ideal way for shop owners to run short-term promotions such as flash sales, introductory and limited quantity sales.

In their new blog post, Shopify says “Instagram Stories presents a tremendous opportunity to creatively showcase your products, and with over 400 million daily active users and growing, the potential for engagement is high. When you add a shopping sticker to a product within a story, users can simply tap to learn more about the product tagged, and then tap again to make a purchase.”

New Explore Tab

Shopify also reveals that Instagram is also rolling out a shopping category in the Explore tab which will feature tagged content from various user posts. Based on interests and preferences of the users, this tab can organize and suggest suitable contents.

For merchants who want to get their brand and products in front of new customers, this tab is not to be missed, with its professional product shots and user-generated product use content. 

Final words

Instagram is attracting more than one billion users today. This proves that it is a worth-investing shopping marketplace where online retailers can grow sales and reach the global audience.

With new Shopify’s updates for Instagram, you can unleash the full potentials of this hybrid social media platform.

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