Improving the health of your email marking list in your Shopify store


Improving the health of your email marking list in your Shopify store

Email hygiene is that you handle your email subscription list and remove invalid or non-responsive addresses. If your store owns a good email list hygiene that means it has a best practice for any targeted, effective email marketing program.

In this post, we will introduce 5 tips for strengthening the email marketing list in your Shopify store.

  1. Remove addresses that bounce

When you try to send email to addresses that is no longer in use, this send is registered as a “bounce”. There are a number of reasons that make an email address die like users create a new accounts, users forget the password, etc. It means if you have a long list subscriber’s email address, you should not set for life. To clean up this list, you need to find the bounce culprits and remove them.

  1. Clean up your list

To clean up your list, you need to remove emails which are bounce. And you have to attempt to repeat to mail invalid or inactive email address negatively impacts your metrics and your delivery rates

  1. Wake the dead

If your list is flooded with inactive emails, even if you have a huge list, you’re doing yourself a disservice. One way to re-engage inactive subscribers is through a re-engagement or “wake the dead” email campaign

If you have a huge list of inactive emails, cleaning it up is impossible. In this case, you should use one way to reengage inactive email through a reengagement or wake the dead email campaign.

  1. Get email confirmation

It is also called “double opt-in”. Second emails contained confirm link will be sent to subscribers and they have to click to this link to confirm their subscriptions. That ensures that the emails they use to subscribe are still active. This strategy also helps you targeted subscribers as well as cleans your list.

  1. Send the right content

You need to ensure that you send right content to the right subscribers. It means when you send emails land in someone’s primary email account, your email will have high rate of being opened. Therefore, you should choose a suitable situation to send your emails.

Hope that 5 tips above will help the health of your email marketing list improved much.

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