How to verify your domain with third-party services in Shopify store?


How to verify your domain with third-party services in Shopify store?

When working with some third-party services, you will have to verify your domain. Therefore this tutorial is quite necessary for all Shopify owners to make sure that you are real owner of your store.


  • This solution is just for custom domain
  • You need to set your root domain as your primary domain in Shopify admin
  • You must disable your storefront password to verify your domain

There are two ways to verify your domain:

Use a Meta tag

  1. Choose to verify your site using a Meta tag verification method on the third-party site
  2. Copy all Meta tag to your clipboard. You need to make sure that you select all things in “< >”
  3. Tap Online Store> Themes in Shopify admin
  4. Find the theme you need to edit and then tap button and tap Edit HTML/CSS
  5. Then tap liquid in Layout to open the fie in the online code editor
  6. Paste the Meta tag copied on a blank line directly below the opening <head> tag
  7. Tap Save
  8. Finish the rest verification on third-party site

Use a file upload

  1. Download a file to verify your site. It may be HTML or XML file based on your service
  2. Open Shopify admin and then navigate to Settings> Files page> Upload files
  3. Select the downloaded file and wait for it is uploaded
  4. Tap to its URL in URL column and then copy it to your clipboard
  5. Tap Online Store> Navigation from Shopify admin
  6. At the top of Navigation page, tap URL Redirection> Add a URL Redirect
  7. Paste the copied URL in step 4 into Redirects to field
  8. Add the original file name of the HTML/XML file in Old path field (you can get the file name from the Redirects to filed but not include extra characters appended to the end of URL)
  9. Tap Save URL redirect
  10. Finish the rest verify at the third-party site

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