How to use Facebook to advertise your Shopify store?


How to use Facebook to advertise your Shopify store?

You know that now Facebook is one of the largest social networks so apply Facebook to make your store become popular is a smart business strategy. There are two ways for store owners apply when advertising their online store on Facebook.

Let’s go into detail both of these two ways use Facebook to advertise your Shopify store.

  1. Use your personal profile

Using your personal profile to share your products on Facebook is an effective way to bring them abroad. Some research shows that there are 62% of Facebookers read such posts you shared.

However, if you share your products with high frequency, you may lose friends or even lose your account. Therefore, you should your posts in suitable frequency, for instance, once a day with either a link to a product from your Shopify store or a press mention about your business or something else as you want.

Once you find it too much for your friend, you need to decrease the amount of posts to avoid the complaints or lose friends.

Besides, you are a normal Facebook user, so you should still post personal status, images or share information you interested in.

  1. Use your business’s Facebook page

Facebook page are designed for purpose of business, brands or other types of organizations and Facebook just wants you use a page for business purpose.

People who liked your page can see your posts on their newsfeed. It means you receive their permission, which is better than spamming on wall of your friends.

In Facebook page, you can post anything you want but not too much. You should promote your brands and products and avoid post same contents. The most important thing is to keep contact with your customers by reply comments and encourage they buy your products.

Facebook is a really effective tool to make your online store become popular if you know the way to apply it. Hope that with advises above, you will have a successful advertising strategy.

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