How to speed up your Shopify website?


How to speed up your Shopify website?

The loading time plays an important role in whether customers keep staying at your website or not. all shoppers don’t want to consume theirs time in waiting for your page loading slowly. They will lose the interest if they have to waiting your website display results they want in long time. Therefore, you must ensure that your Shopify website works as speed as possible.

There are various reasons which affect to the speed in your Shopify store like the number of images, the amount of texts, and many other elements. In this post, we will share you 3 tips to overcome the slow loading in your page.

  1. Optimize images

Web owners always tend to upload images with big file sizes so that the images can be displayed with good resolutions and makes the websites more professional. But that the images with big file sizes affect to loading times in your site negatively, especially mobiles device like cell phones or tablets.

The solution for you is finding a tool to help you reduce file size and compress images without the loss of images quality. And optimizing images have to be done before you upload them to your website

  1. Delete inactive apps

Another reason that makes your store be slower is apps you installed into. However, not all these apps are used to support to your website. Sometimes you just download some apps, let them safe and sound add extra weight to your store. The installed apps in your site can sometimes create requests when the loading of each page and then make your pages loading longer. Therefore, at least once a year, you have to clean your website and delete apps which are inactive or unused

  1. Mobile-optimized themes

Now, mobile- optimized theme is which you need to invest in because more and more people use mobile devices and they also make your website take extra time to loading page. There are a number of responsive themes which are available Shopify for choosing. These themes will adjust the elements on your stores based on screen size of the device customers use to access to your website. A better recommendation for you is to use device – responsive themes where themes serve elements as images, at a resolution which is optimal for the device shoppers use to access to your site.

That are 3 Shopify tips which help your Shopify store load pages speed. Hope that these things are helpful for you.

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