How to simply make a video for your Shopify store?


How to simply make a video for your Shopify store?

As you know, using a video to promote your business will more effective than using images or text because video can live in several places, more attractive, more eye-catching, etc. Moreover, videos make your website more professional.

Now, we can totally create video for your Shopify store. Let’s determine!

The first thing you need to bear in mind is an idea for your video like content, purpose for the video. And then do some following steps:

  • Create a rough storyboard and write script
  • Create the audio you need
  • Edit video
  • Package and upload video

Some recommended sources of free stock video:

  • Videvo: free HD footage and motion graphics
  • Pexels: free photos and videos
  • Distill: 10 new high quality videos use every 10 days
  • Pixabay: free vibrant videos, photos, and animations

Some recommended sources of public domain:

  • Pond5: lots of historic footage
  • org: lots of games, films, historic moments footage
  • NASA: lots of photos and footages of space
  • Critical Past: many of vintage videos

Some recommended sources of free music and audio:

  • org: free sounds
  • Looperman: acapella vocals, music, and sounds
  • Converse Sample Library: plenty of interesting music and rhythms
  • YouTube Audio Library: containing good quality music and sound effects

Besides, there are many free tools which help you make video easier. Based on each purpose you make video, you will choose a suitable tool like:

  • Quik by GoPro: With this tool, you can produce simple or short video or create an engaging slideshow
  • Lumen 5: This app will allow you convert articles into videos, thus it is for videos which are simple slides of images, short clips to tell a story or explain an idea
  • Teleprompter Video Creator: This tool is for those who have bad memory. It means you just need to paste in your script and then you will have a record as natural
  • Giphy: You will turn your videos into GIFs when using this app
  • Resolve: You will have a professional video when using this tool
  • Power Director: If you want to edit your videos on your phone, it fixes you


Besides paying attention to content, you also need to concern about some tips which make your video attractive.

Hope that thanks to this post, you can produce unique videos for your own.

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