How to link GoDaddy domain with your Shopify store?


How to link GoDaddy domain with your Shopify store?

This post will show you steps by steps to link GoDaddy domain with Shopify. This tutorial is quite simple so you just need few minutes to complete.

The steps to link Godaddy domain with Shopify store

  1. Go to and create an account which you will use to buy the domain
  2. Tap Manage Domain
  3. Choose the domain that you want to link with your Shopify store
  4. Select DNS File ZONE
  5. After that you will see a A (Host) box, then tap edit it
  6. Login to your Shopify store > Online Stores > Domains, enter your new domain and choose setup domain. Then you will receive a DNS code. Copy it.
  7. After choosing edit record, you will see a popup. Then paste the DNS code in POINT TO section
  8. Remain the other settings
  9. Tap Finish
  10. Scroll down to CName (Alias) then in www section, tap Edit button
  11. After that, a popup open, add your Shopify address to Point to section and remain the other settings
  12. Save settings then wait an hour and you will have your Shopify domain which is directed to your store

That’s all steps of linking GoDaddy domain to your Shopify store. if you have any problem, contact us for the help.

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