How to install Zendesk Chat for your Shopify website?


How to install Zendesk Chat for your Shopify website?

Zendesk is a live chat tool which allows your visitors and customers to give their questions to your website whenever they want. This live chat tool can bring your buyers the simple way to contact your store. Follow the steps below to add Zendesk for your Shopify website.

The steps to install Zendesk Chat for Shopify website

  • Step 1: Go to Shopify dashboard > Settings > Widget > Getting Started tab
  • Step 2: Copy the embed script
  • Step 3: Log into your website editor
  • Step 4: Find the section in which you can edit the HTML of your site
  • Step 5: Find the header tags <head> and </head> in your HTML, then enter the live chat script in between the header tags
  • Step 7: Save and publish your changes
  • Step 8: Refresh your website and check the widget

By adding Zendesk for your Shopify store, you can answer the questions of your customers quickly and conveniently. By supporting instantly the question from customers, you can help them make their decision faster. And as a result, your sales will be increased.

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