How to get more high quality traffic for a new Shopify store?


How to get more high quality traffic for a new Shopify store?

After launching your Shopify store, you need to create traffic to increase conversions because if there are no conversions, there’s no profit. There are a number of different sources you can use to generate more traffic to your store but getting them are always complicated. Let’s see 3 popular sources which allow your new store to get more traffic.

  1. Blogs

Blogs are source of information, tips and tricks and more. You should post the hot news or useful tips and helpful recommendations for audiences. This way makes more customers know about your website and when they find it useful to access to your website, they will go to your website more regularly. There are two things you should consider before starting a blog for your website that are figuring out who your highest quality customers are and creating a destination where those types of people would want to hangout. Once you determine the right way for your blog, make a clear plan and start immediately.

  1. Social Media

Now, social networks are becoming more and more popular. Almost people have at least a social network account. Therefore, using social networks to get more new customers and increase traffic in online store become one of the important strategy of all store owners. Social network is traffic source that can help store owners reach billions of people. The popular social networks now are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, and Instagram. You can choose the suitable ones to start your plan. We give you some tips to run your strategy with social networks effectively.

  • Study where your highest value demographics are currently hanging out on social network.
  • Figure out how you can insert yourself into conversations that are already happening.
  • Figure out how you can lead similar conversations in the future.
  1. Video

Nowadays, online video is absolutely exploding and YouTube becomes the most popular with billions of users. This second largest search engine in the world are so popular that everyone from 3 years old kid to 95 years old grandma can be found watching YouTube videos. So creating a YouTube channel to share your opinions, knowledge and then lead viewers to your store will be a smart strategy.

But for a successful channel, you should refer to some tips below:

  • Choose your top 5 keywords you want to rank for
  • Search the top channels ranking for those 5 keywords
  • View these top videos in the top channels and then try to create your own video content that is similar to those top videos. That make YouTube suggest your video to those who watched those top videos.

These are the effective and popular sources that are applied most for online store to get more traffic and conversations. You should choose a suitable one based on the demands of your Shopify store and then start it now. Hopefully they are helpful and bring your store good results.

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