How to get more followers for your Shopify website?


How to get more followers for your Shopify website?

Increasing community in your site is a way to boost your sales. And follower is one factor affecting to the community in your site. Today, we will show some tips that help Shopify store owners get more followers for site.

  1. Publish lots of content

Impressed content is one of key point to keep the visitors stay at your site. Therefore, you should create content in your site become thought leader, ultimate resource for your audience. More contact between visitors, the more content engagement in your site

  1. Promote content externally

The great content should not only be at your site but also be promoted off-site. Now there are many of tools which help you bring your content out site. Your mission is finding a suitable tool and then making your content widening

  1. Provide buttons to engage

Your content can attract visitors much but it is ridiculous to share your content all time. Creating follow buttons is solution for this situation. These buttons will prompt visitors to connect with your site. Besides, share buttons will help your site become more popular in preferred social networks.

  1. Give a call to action

When visitors are interested in your content, they will share without your asking. But you should remind them do more than sharing like leaving some comments or tweeting specific quotes

  1. Host a giveaway

Running a game or a contest with a chance to win a prize will make audiences excited. The win the prize, you can ask audiences share your content with social network. You can choose a network where you want your site develop on. This way will brings you more followers and your site is also popular

  1. Always use photos

The contents with photos are always interesting and attractive than those without. Visitors will not want to read content with only text because it is so boring. And when they are not excited in these contents, they will never share them.

  1. Guest post

If you can create a blog posts in your sites, do it immediately. And invite some famous bloggers to your site as well. When audiences of these bloggers will read your posts if they find them interesting, and of course they will follow your site

  1. Comment on other blogs

Audiences will know who you are (that is so good for most start-up sites). You can do by spending time to determine other community members and leaving meaningful comments on other blogs

Apply these tips above and just stand to see the changing in your sites. The amount of followers increases, which will lead your sales up.

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