How to fix jQuery errors in Shopify website?


How to fix jQuery errors in Shopify website?

Error about jQuery is one of the most frequent ones for all web developers. To handle these errors quickly in Shopify, you just need to pay attention to identify the causes of them instead of taking much time for debug to find fault.

Today we will provide you some most common jQuery errors and the way to fix them in Shopify.

  1. jQuery is not defined

This error is caused because you did not put into the jQuery library before using jQuery functions. To fix this error, embed the jQuery library or put o it above function used

  1. The $(…).ABC is not a function (ABC is the name of a function jQuery library)

jQuery library allows users can easily build features such as popup or slider. And when used occasionally appear the error messages like $(…).magnificPopup is not a function or $(…).owlCarousel is not a function, etc. This error is very simple, but it belongs to the library functions you use, not the jQuery library.

  1. Mistakes jQuery library

Among versions of jQuery, there are always certain differences with each library function and built on the foundation of jQuery often compatible with jQuery version at that time.

Later the newer versions of jQuery may be differences as library functions but operate and error. However, describing in detail for this error is so difficult because in each case as well as each version, it uses that will have different error messages. To recognize this you need to have one bit of experience. To fix this issue, you need to find the matching version of the jQuery library for compatibility function.

  1. Conflict jQuery

As described 3 above, you may need to use 2 jQuery libraries with 2 different versions on the same page to run 2 different function libraries. Therefore, the confliction between 2 jQuery is inevitable. As error number 3, this error will not receive specific notice is how returns and of course you have to own a bit of experience to be judged on. This mistake will be solved by using one library function named jQuery Migrate to synchronize the differences in the versions of jQuery to simply insert only a version jQuery library for all functions.

These are the most common mistakes you will meet when working with jQuery. However, there are more and more errors in process working with jQuery so if you have any difficulties or questions, contact us for the help.

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