How to change Shopify store name?


How to change Shopify store name?

In Shopify’s 14-day trial, you can set up a store and choose your own brand and develop them. Then you can change and make a second choice if you are not satisfied with the original decision without creating a new Shopify store. Your branding and appearance settings in your store can be changed as you wish. We will give you some ways to change the store name in Shopify. There are a few things you should know about setting up store name in Shopify. In this article we will share with you.

1. Use a custom domain

There is a note to keep in mind that you cannot change the subdomain you created when you initially set up your store.

However, you can fix this problem by buying a custom domain instead of creating a new account and start over. Shopify allows you to set up a custom domain that will override Shopify’s built-in subdomain for the most part. You can buy a custom domain on or buy directly from Shopify. Once you want to rename your store, you just need to purchase a custom domain name to represent that name. Customers will not see your subdomain, but instead will see your custom domain.

2. Change the store name in the settings

In addition to custom domain usage, you can also change your actual store name within the Shopify settings. This store name is the name displayed in the browser and in the outgoing email. In the settings section, you can change your store name very quickly in seconds.

Here are two ways you can change your store’s brand in Shopify without creating a new account. Thanks for reading!

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