How to build a Shopify store?


How to build a Shopify store?

Creating an online store is the first and the simplest step to start your business with Shopify. This task is easy for all of the merchants with just a few steps.

The steps to build a Shopify store

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

  • Go to then tap Get Started button
  • Enter your store name, email address and password
  • Click Online Store> Next
  • Enter all required information such as your first, your last name, street address, city, etc. The information will be used for configuring tax rates and currencies.
  • Click Next
  • Answer the questions from Shopify to tell them a little about yourself
  • Click Enter My Store button

Step 2: Add products

  • Go to Shopify backend> click Add product button
  • Enter all information related to your product like title, description, price, vendor, etc.
  • Tap Save

You can add as many products as you want

Step 3: Customize the Look of Your Site

  • Back to Shopify main dashboard then click Customize the Look of Your Site Here, you can design your store from colors to logos. Especially, you can customize and beautify your online store by visiting the Theme store of Shopify. There are hundreds of themes for you to choose to make your store become unique.

Step 4: Setup domain

  • Navigate to Shopify dashboard> Add a Domain
  • Choose the domain you want then complete making the purchase
  • Specify the Shopify payment play you want to go with

Step 5: Activate the payment processor

  • Navigate to Shopify dashboard> Payments
  • Choose any payment processor you like
  • Activate your payment processor
  • Click Launch Website button to give life for your store

That’s all you need to do to build an online store with Shopify. If you have any question related to this tutorial, contact us for the answer.

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