How to boost the B2B conversion rate in Shopify online store?


How to boost the B2B conversion rate in Shopify online store?

Optimizing the Shopify B2B conversion is not a difficult task. Let’s take a look at 8 strategies below to reach this goal.

  1. Purchase orders
    Besides checking out with credit card or debit card, you should provide another way for your customers such as the purchase order.
  2. Product recommendation, up-selling and cross-selling
    The tips to increase the orders in your store is to give product recommendations as customers usually tend to surf more after they complete their order. Your product recommendations may motivate customers to shop more.
  1. Referral marketing
    Having your existing customers into buyers in the future is a good way to generate traffic to your store. According to a report, near 70% of B2B companies launching referral marketing can increase their conversion rate faster.
  1. Mobile app
    More and more buyers use the mobile devices for shopping so turning your online store into an app which allows your customers to search and make purchase easier is one of the best ways to raise the conversion rate in your B2B store.
  2. Live Chat
    In the decade of technology, merchants can come closer to their buyers. Live Chat not only help merchants support and answer their customers more but also build trust with them. You know that real-time support is always the best way to understand your customers.
  3. Reorder from past purchase
    Most of B2B buyers don’t want a browsing experience. The only thing they need is to make purchase so placing an order as simple as possible is what they want.
  4. SEO
    Optimizing your store for search engines is an important task of all store owners as all your hard work will be wasted if customers can not find your products. You can use some apps to help improve your on-page SEO to attract more buyers to your online store.
  5. Payment method
    Supporting both credit card and debit card can help you avoid losing any customers because of their payments method is not fitted with your store requirement.

Above are some suggestions to help increase the conversion rate in your Shopify B2B store. If you have any other tips, let us know.

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