How to addd Track Your Order Page in Shopify


How to addd Track Your Order Page in Shopify

Adding Track Your Order page is an effective way which helps your visitors know where their order is in your Shopify website. Additionally, you can reduce the requires from your customers about their order status as well as engage with customers after sales. If you have not added Track Your Order page for your Shopify website, let’s follow our guides below.

The steps to add Track Your Order Page in Shopify

Step 1:

Add a new page at Shopify.

Step 2:

Fill in the HTML editor.

Step 3:

Customize your style at TrackingMore Track Button page.

Step 4:

Enter the track button code:

Step 5:

Accordingly name your URL.

Step 6:

Test the track button.

That’s all now you have the Track Your Order page to help your buyers the good support when making order in your Shopify website.

If you have any problem, contact us for the help. Thanks for reading!

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