How to add Instagram to Shopify websites?


How to add Instagram to Shopify websites?

One of the effective ways to showcase more images of your products or show them in action is promoting your products on Instagram.

Adding Instagram to Shopify websites will help show off products, encourage customers share them and keep contact with loyal customers to build brand advocacy.

Configuring Instagram to Shopify store is an easy tutorial, you just need to follow some simple steps below:

  • Go to Intagme to create an Instagram widget for a username or tag. Then you need to enter these details for the widget and choose some options for your widget. During this process, you can choose to display images in a grid or in a sideshow view, and can set options such as sizing, borders, background color, padding and sharing buttons.
  • Click to Get Code
  • Copy the code in box and then paste it where you want your Instagram photos show up
  • Create a new Instagram page (when creating a page, instead of using the standard page editor, you should toggle to the “edit HTML” mode)
  • Paste in the widget code you just created
  • Save page

That’s really easy so we believe that all of you can perform this tutorial without any difficulty.

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