How to Add Google Authorship to a Shopify Blog?


How to Add Google Authorship to a Shopify Blog?

Google Authorship is a great solution to protect the posts in your blog. Once you configure Google Authorship, if the other websites copy your post, they will be reported.

Moreover, Google Authorship also brings many benefits for your website such as raising the trust for your posts, increasing your trademark and so on.

In this tutorial, we will show you the way to add Google Authorship to a Shopify website.

Step 1: Add Shopify website to Contributor to list

  • Login to Google+ profile
  • Go to About section and then tap Edit in Links box featuring the Contributor to
  • Copy your Google+ URL when you’re on your Google+ profile

By manipulating this step, you will tell Google that you’ve contributed to as well as lets users viewing your Google+ profile know where they can find your work.

Step 2: Add Google+ URL as homepage in Shopify account

  • Login Shopify
  • Go to your account
  • Find the Homepage box and paste your Google+ URL into it

Step 3: Update the article.liquid template theme file

  • Go to Themes> Template Editor> article.liquid
  • Locate where your author name is pulled in (It will be the variable author and you should locate it between the variable article.title and article.content)
  • Add a link with rel=”author” and structure this link by using the variable user.homepage

That’s all you need to configure Google Authorship to your Shopify blog. Hope that all of you can do it without any difficulty.

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