How to add a new product in Shopify store?


How to add a new product in Shopify store?

Once you created a Shopify store, apparently the next step is to add a new product to start up your business. In this post, we share you the way to set up your products in Shopify store.

  1. Shopify admin> Products> Add a product
  2. Enter the product information

You should take a look at following details to understand clearly the fields on the products information page before entering any issues for your products:

  • Title: This name will be used as customers will see when finding your product. This field is compulsory
  • Description: In description, you will describe your product in details to help customers understand more about your product and whether they will buy it. You should not copy exactly manufacturer’s description if you want your online store be unique to search engine
  • Images: Images help customers see what your product look like
  • Price: This is price customer have to pay for if they buy your product. And you have to set currency for the price so that it is suitable for your business
  • Compare to price: If your product is on sale, it will be shown a sale price
  • Charge taxes on this product: Of course all products have to be set tax at Tax settings
  • SKU (Stock keeping Unit):You need to set a unique identifier for your product. The SKU will be useful for organizing fulfillment
  • Barcode: Enter an existing or new barcode for the product. You can add barcode with Shopify app by using your mobile device’s camera
  • Inventory policy: You will sets whether your product’s inventory will be tracked by Shopify
  • Weight: You need to add weight of your product to use for shipping rates. You can buy a shipping scale at Shopify Hard Store
  • HS tariff code: You need to provide customs information so that internationally-agreed tariffs can be applied to the order. Tap Look up code to search for the Harmonized System (HS) codes
  • Fulfillment service: Use Fulfill service to fulfill your product, or you can choose Manual
  • Requires shipping: This field is applied for sipping method. But if you sell digital products or service, uncheck this box. And then Weight field will disappear and the item will not use your Shipping rates
  • Variants: Variants can help you create various version of a product that you have for sale. Besides, you can also apply variants when adding a new product or many other times
  • Search engine listing preview: Most customers find needed products by search engine like Google or Bing. So you can set the way your products displayed by navigate to Shopify admin> Edit website SEO in the Search engine listing preview section of the product page:
    • Page title: will be displayed on search engine (limit in 55 characters)
    • Meta description: brief description of the page content (limit in 160 characters)
    • URL and handle: site address of the product (cannot contain spaces)
  • Visibility: There are many reasons that encourage you set product visibility:
    • You have seasonal products
    • A product is out of stock but you will have stock later
    • You consider whether you should eliminate a product
    • You want to offer online exclusive or in-store exclusive products
  • Type: This is type of product in your store. Setting type for products will helpful when you make a collections of products in your store
  • Vendor: In case the product is from another party
  • Collections: You can use this field to add product directly to a manual collection
  • Tags: Adding tags helps customers find your product easily
  1. Save configuration

We’ve provided you the way to add a new product to Shopify store and related information. Hope that all of you can apply this tutorial without difficulties.

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