Hiring a virtual assistant for your Shopify website


Hiring a virtual assistant for your Shopify website

You know that there are a lot of things store owners have to do when they start their business. Sometimes they are overloaded and can’t cover all these works. In this case, hiring an assistant is a good choice. Besides hiring an actual person to help, you are able to pay for a virtual assistant to deal with online tasks.

The virtual assistant will work as an extra pair of your hands helping handle mostly online task. A virtual assistant can’t manage your store entirely but it will help you control parts of website. Commonly, a virtual assistant will do a lot of administrative tasks but if you give it a guidelines and instructions, it can do more. Some of work that it will do for you such as:

  • Customer service
  • Social media management
  • Research
  • Store management
  • Data-entry
  • Cold calling
  • Personal errands

For online business, customer service is always the first priority but this task consumes too much time and contains stressful challenges for store owners. However, this is just a little part of what you have to do in your Shopify store. In case you find it difficult to cover all the work, you should absolutely hire a virtual assistant.

You have to pay for outsourcing a virtual assistant and price for having it work for your store is various. Based on the tasks, you will hire a suitable route for the virtual assistant. But you should keep in mind that you get what you pay for before deciding to hire any assistant for your store.

To get the virtual assistant work for you, you need to post you need to document your process and write a job description to attract the right virtual assistant. To ask a virtual assistant do right things as you want isn’t simple. If you document the entire process first and create guidelines for virtual assistant to follow, it can do the jobs as the way you want. Writing a job description helps you find the right virtual assistant. You should include the scale of your business, the tools they will be using, past experiences that will make them successful, language requirements, a specific list of the tasks they will be performing for you and the keywords that prospective hires might be searching for in the description. These are worth it to find a virtual assistant fitting with your demands.

After hiring a good virtual assistant and let them do the works in your store, ensure that you only give it limited access to your store and never give it your login credentials for your account and opt for restricted user permissions whatever possible. For Shopify store, virtual assistant can be added as a Staff Account with specific permissions based on the tasks they’ll need to execute.

To make the virtual assistant work more efficiently, you need to enforce time-tracking.

Hope that with the guides above you can find a suitable virtual assistant for your Shopify store.

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