Go shopping via Messenger in Shopify


Go shopping via Messenger in Shopify

Social network is now an effective tool for retailers to boost their sales. Catch up with this trend, Shopify launched the ability for retailers to conduct real-time business directly in the Facebook Messenger app. Now, retailers can turn conversations into sales via Facebook Messenger app.

Now, customers have ability to chat with e-commerce companies directly. When they start conversation with a Shopify vendor, there is an option “Shop Now” appearing and then they just need to tap this button to view the company’s product catalog.

Shopify product lead Brandon Chu wrote that with Shopify and Messenger, retailers could connect with the customers, put a face to their names, and offer them a real-time, personalized service.

To allow customers to go shopping in Shopify store via Messenger, merchants need to add Messenger channel in Shopify, connect their business page at Facebook, and select which products they want to sell through Messenger. And then customers can choose products they want in your Shopify store, ask question, and get automatic order tracking and shipping updates upon purchase just through Messenger.

“This can help you build the same strong, one-to-one relationships neighborhood store owners once built with their customers and establish those deep, personal relationships is how you build brand loyalty. It’s how you build a company people love.” said Brandon Chu.

More and more companies, especially which in Canada, Australia, the US and the UK have focused on developing their sales on Facebook Messenger. And Shopify is expected to launch its messaging tools for use with other platforms in the future.

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