Get a website that integrates with Shopify


Get a website that integrates with Shopify

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that can operate as a standalone online store or integrate with an existing website.

Once integrating to a website, Shopify actions automated through website integration like create a new customer in your database and create a new store product. A Shopify store can also be embedded directly into the web pages of your existing website as well as the content of your pages or added to the website menu in order to support an easy access from different pages.

Integrating your current web page with Shopify will help you own a beautiful, professional website for your business. And your customers are allowed to purchase your products through Shopify checkout.

To combine Shopify with existing website, there are some ways you can apply such as using Buy Button, using apps or set up a subdomain of your existing store. All these ways are really simple to perform.

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