Finding new clients for your Shopify store


Finding new clients for your Shopify store

Finding new clients for your new store is always difficult. Owning an eyes-catching website is not enough to attract new customers. However, you should not worry about this issue because there are numerous ways you can apply to branch out and find more clients.

Below are some tips for you to attract more customers for Shopify website:

Using social media

Obviously, applying social media is a great way of getting free publicity and advertising for your online store. To use social media to help find more buyers, at first you need to pick a right channel where customers are likely to be. And then create a profile rich in keywords and build strong relationships with other users. You can refer to some social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Tweeter, Instagram, Google+ which are great for public your products. Basing on each purpose, you will choose a suitable one for your strategy or you can use more than one media. But you have to remember that using social media is just for engaging with people and building relationships, not to sell. You can share resources, answer questions to connecting people on a regular basis.

Blog posts

Blog post is one of the most efficient ways to redirect customer to your website. In this blog, you should post some tips, tutorials, recommendations, or any fields which clients are much interested in. Make sure that you update post in your blog regular with updated information. Once your blog become reliable place of clients, you’re more likely to make a little or no effort to customers read the showcase in your site.

Network with other freelancers

Networking and building relationships with freelancers is one of the best ways to get clients referrals. Networking opportunities and both offline and online events are great occasions for making contact. And the best tool to make contact of course is social media.

Beautify your existing sites

You should redesign your site with your own unique style. If you can’t do, send it to professional developers. By this way, you can also take part in developing process as a designer to demonstrate your skills to your peers as well as potential clients. It shows that you have specific ideas to make someone else’s business better, and that you can actually create these ideas.

Create gold standard website

You need to ensure that your site has a gold standard because on one want to use a bad service. You should make a gallery of any past work with client testimonials or a list of your skills or a list of any qualifications and credential you have. That makes your website more trusted.

Let’s try out these tips and you will find your website getting more clients and more work.

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