eBay is going to be a sales channel for Shopify merchants


eBay is going to be a sales channel for Shopify merchants

Another sales channel – eBay recently added into Shopify platform in addition to current ones like Amazon, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Pinterest, etc. eBay now hosts a large of potential customers, which make Shopify store owners have more opportunity.

All the factors like inventory info, product title, description, price and specific item details will be synced when store owners integrating with eBay. All the orders made on eBay will also be imported directly to Shopify for fulfillment, as will messages from eBay buyers sent via that platform. That means you can manage all of your eBay-based commerce from one central location alongside your other channels.

However, this integration isn’t going live now. As expected, this new channel is going to live this fall.

Now, there are 60% of Shopify merchants selling in at least 2 different channels and tending to develop more.

The integration between Shopify and eBay may bring more business opportunities for merchants and makes Shopify more competitive with other platforms.

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