Creating new language for your Shopify theme


Creating new language for your Shopify theme

Setting language for a theme in Shopify store is necessary. In this post, we will show you all steps to create a new language for your Shopify theme. Before creating new language, you should back up your theme.

Now, let’s start!

Step 1:

Login to Admin Panel> Online Store> Themes> Edit language

Step 2:

  • Click to Change theme language
  • In Language drop-down, choose a language you want to install
  • Tap Save

Step 3:

Fill in all needed information for the translation you want such as Layout, Megamenu, Custom block, etc.

Step 4:

If the translation uses liquid part like © {{ year }} {{ shop_name }}. All rights reserved, you need change the text and leave all things in {{ }} as it is in case you are not familiar with this language

If the translation uses html code part like <h3>Title </h3>or<strong>Bold text </strong>, you need to change the text between tags to keep the section layout

Step 5:

Tap Save

After that, you can refresh cite to see the change.

Some other settings

If you want to create a language nor shown, you can do as follows:

  • Go to Online Store> Themes> Edit language> Change theme language
  • In the drop-down, choose needed language and region
  • Tap Save
  • Make other needed changes
  • Tap Save

Then refresh cite to see the changes.

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