Create a new language for your Shopify theme


Create a new language for your Shopify theme

Before a new language creating, you should backup the theme before making changes. Go to Online Store> Themes> Download theme file.

Now, let’s set a new language for your Shopify theme!

  1. Login Admin panel> Online Store> Themes> Edit language> Change theme language
  2. In Language drop-down, choose a language you want and tap Save
  3. Fill in the empty fields with the needed text for the translation type you need
  4. In this step, you must check existing translation
  • If the existing translation uses the liquid part as © {{ year }} {{ shop_name }}. All rights reserved. you just need to change only the text. In case you don’t familiar with this language type, leave all things between {{ }}
  • If the existing translation uses the html code part as <h3>Title </h3>or <strong>Bold text </strong> , you’d better edit the text between the tags to keep the section layout
  1. Tap Save and reload your site

*Install a not shown language

In case you need to set a language which is not shown, do as follow:

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Edit language > Change theme language> Other languages
  2. Choose preferred Language and Region type from the dropdown and tap Save (In case you select Custom, you need to enter new language name but only checkout and system messages are allowed to translated)
  3. Make necessary settings for new language and tap Save to save new installations

Hope that all of your can perform this tutorial.

Thanks for reading!

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