Create a catchy name for Shopify store


Create a catchy name for Shopify store

Finding a tight name for your Shopify store will make you highlighted and attracted to customers. A catchy name can create attention of clients and motivate them to click to your store and find out. If you are still searching a good name for your Shopify store, let’s take a look at 4 tips given below.

  1. Choose a different, short and simple name

Research the market in order to find out the used names by the other companies in your business fields. Then from this result, you will find a different name from theirs. Next, the name for your store should be short and simple. It makes your customer easy to remember, pronounce and possible to fit the home page.

  1. Consider your web presence

After getting a list of optional names for your store, you need to check whether they are available .com domain or not.

  1. Google the name

Once you get the available domain name, google it and to see if the name on your list show up. Don’t choose the generic name because it makes your store get low rank on the searching engine. And another important thing you have to do is check the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you want to use.

  1. Don’t get sued

Make sure that the name you choose is legal unless you may go to jail or meet many troubles. Remember to check it before public your store’s name.

Some tips above may help you when choosing a good name for your Shopify store.

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