Changes to sales channels in Shopify


Changes to sales channels in Shopify

There are some changes to the sales channels in your Shopify admin and they will affect discovering and adding new sales channels, changing their settings, and viewing their sales data.

In this post, we will show you the way to discover new sales channels, view your online store overview and view sales channel settings after new changing.

Discover new sales channels

To view the available sales channels in your Shopify admin, click the + button beside Sales Channels

After that, you can add new sales channels from the Add sales channel dialog

View your online store overview

To view the Overview page for your online store, click Online Store dashboard which you can view by following the link from your Shopify Home or from Reports page; instead of clicking Online Store in your Shopify admin as before

Besides, you can view summaries of all your available sales channels from your Shopify Home by filtering the data sidebar to show the specific results you want


  • Staff members with limited account access now need to be granted permission to view sales channels overviews. Without permission, they won’t be able to view the data sidebar on Shopify Home

View sales channels settings

Previously, Settings page for your channels appear under the Settings menu in your Shopify admin but now it is under the Sales channels menu

You can remove sales channels from the Sales channels settings page


  • If this page doesn’t answer any of your questions about these changes, you should contact Shopify support for the help.

That’s all changes in sales channels in Shopify website.

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