Boost sales volume for your Shopify store with FAQ page


Boost sales volume for your Shopify store with FAQ page

An FAQ page is designed for serving a number of purposes. It can address frequently asked questions, common concerns or objections that customers have about your business. This way, it can act as the first point of contact before they reach out to you with their questions.

Once used right, FAQ pages can improve customer experience in their purchasing journey which as a result, increase sales volumes for your Shopify store.

How an FAQ page can enhance customer purchase experience?

Before making decisions on buying any product, customers usually consider carefully and they may have questions about the product. There is a high likeliness of losing a customer if your store can’t address these questions or replying that customer through a live chat quickly. Even a support form does not work for customers who navigate away from your store. So, what is the solution?

FAQ pages come to deal with the issue. You can address common questions that customers ask or something which are not shown in product descriptions. Sale-related questions such as questions about currency transactions, shipping details, returns, refunds and exchanges, etc. are suggested.

Using FAQ pages is like killing two birds with one stone. Not only FAQ pages bring customers satisfying experience when browsing your store but also reduces workload for the support team who have to address the same questions again and again.

What are some tips on creating an FAQ page on Shopify?

To successfully build your own FAQ page, you should ensure these following criteria:

  • Make your FAQ page searchable– adding a search functionality at the top of FAQ page so that customers don’t need to look through different questions. This way, customers can search for what they want more quickly and have experience enhanced.
  • Divide questions into sections– Questions should be separated out into sections so that they are easy-to-follow for customers
  • Address sales-related questions– objections should be addressed as a priority as this can help increase your sales.
  • Include ‘call to action’–Make sure to create a ‘call to action’ button at the end of your page and on any questions where appropriate. This can provide a straight-forward way for customers to purchase the products.

What is the best app for building an FAQ page on Shopify?

FAQ- Easy FAQ by NDNAPPS perfectly helps you in creating your own beautiful and informative FAQ page at ease.

It encompasses numerous amazing features which help merchants to build and manage their FAQ page effectively. Another great thing is its pricing. This app is completely free so that you can save a lot for your store budget.

Here are some powerful features of FAQ-easy FAQ that you may want to have a look at:

  • Mobile-friendly– Besides desktops, FAQ-easy FAQ can be run smoothly on mobiles or tablets. No technical knowledge is required for users.
  • Easy-to-manage– both category list and item list can be created and managed easily at backend.
  • Embed videos, images– “A picture is worth a thousand words” This app allows users to embed images and videos in answers where appropriate in order to make them more eye-catching and visually-appealing to customers.

Above are just some key features of FAQ-Easy FAQ. If you are interested, find more at this link


FAQ page is created for various purposes. The major one is saving time for both customers and stores. For customers, they needn’t always wait for answers from customer support team via emails or calls. For stores, the support team will receive less repeated questions so that they will have time to address other questions.

You should avoid sales-unrelated questions in answers because those questions may hinder purchases. Instead, you can stick to questions about checkout process, shipping, store currency, anything which is relevant to sales.

There are a lot of Shopify apps which help you to easily create an FAQ page. Among those, FAQ-Easy FAQ by NDNAPPS is highly recommended for multiple great features and at no cost.

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