Best Shopify Apps for 2019


Best Shopify Apps for 2019

Should you want to succeed on the e-commerce platform, continue to read this article as I’m going to suggest some useful Shopify Apps for your business toolkit in 2019!

Best Shopify app list in 2019

  1. FAQ ‑ Easy FAQ

    You are a fresher and you do not have any technical knowledge? Don’t worry as this app is designed for you. FAQ – Easy FAQ is easy to install, simple to set up. It provides friendly back-end management that helps you to create, edit and remove FAQ Category and FAQ Q&A in such an easy way. Furthermore, this app can create a FAQ page automatically on your store as well.

    One advantage of using Easy FAQ is that no matter what your devices are (desktop, tablet or mobile), it all works well and effectively. Try this app if you would like your sale to be boosted and the loading speed to be optimized!

  1. Banner Slider

    By using Banner Slider by NDNAPPS, you will have a nicer responsive banner slider, slideshow, and image gallery. It supports more different banners (Simple Fade Slideshow, 3D slider, Image Gallery, Logo, slider, Tab slider,…) and shows display banner slider on any positions you like, at any time you set.

    At the same time, you can also show customers images, advertising banner about your business strategies. This is a great point as it can assist you in increasing traffic and boosting sale.

  1. Easy Contact Form

    This app was born to let you build up a “Contact Us” form within several minutes. The contact form is customizable without coding and it allows store owners to show the widget button at 4 positions: center left, center right, bottom left, bottom right.

    There is one thing that you might be interested in here. Whenever you use an app for your website, there is always a side effect: it slows down your site, right? Due to its asynchronous loading, Easy Contact Form will not let this happen! Besides, the feature of Google reCAPTCHA will protect your website from spam and abuse as well. So, why do not you give it a shot?

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