Accepting Bitcoin with Shopify


Accepting Bitcoin with Shopify

Bitcoin now is recognized as one of the legal kinds of currency using for purchasing all over the world. It is a decentralized digital currency and transferred directly from person to person via the Internet. There is no bank or institution controlling Bitcoin so using payments with Bitcoin will reduce the transaction fees as well as the chargeback risks.

Shopify store owners can accept payments with Bitcoin in many ways. In this post, we will introduce 2 methods to accept Bitcoin with Shopify.

Accept Bitcoin with Coinbase

Step 1: Create a Coinbase account

  • Go to then enter your name, email address and password
  • Tick the box before I agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy
  • Then you will receive an email including a verification link from Coinbase. Click this link
  • Press Let’s get started link

Step 2: Setup your profile

  • Click to your name of Coinbase account at the top right corner then choose Advanced
  • In the top menu, choose Merchants
  • Click Open a merchant account button
  • Enter all necessary files in your Merchant Profile page
  • Tap Save Changes

Step 3: Connect Coinbase account to Shopify

  • Click to your name of Coinbase account at the top right corner then choose Settings
  • In the top menu, choose API Access
  • Choose +New API Key
  • Choose an option to receive verification code then enter the received code in the text box
  • Find API v1 permissions (legacy) then tap Show button next to it
  • Tick the merchant checkbox
  • Scroll down and then click Create button
  • Tap Enable button to activate the status of Key and Secret
  • You will receive a verification code via email. Copy it and insert into Verify box
  • Tap Verify
  • Open a new browser tab, go to Shopify Admin> Settings> Payments> Alternative payments> Select additional payment method> Coinbase
  • Back to Coinbase Account API settings tab, tap Key button to display API Key and API Secret
  • Fill in the verification code
  • Tap Verify
  • Return to Shopify admin tab, inter API Key and API Secret
  • Tap Activate

Accept Bitcoin with BitPay

Step 1: Create a BitPay account

  • Go to to create your BitPay account. Then it will take about some days to authorize your account. In this time, you can receive the regular payouts from BitPay

Step 2: Activate BitPay

  • Go to Shopify Admin> Settings> Payments> Alternative Payments> Select additional payment method> BitPay
  • Fill in your BitPay API Key ID (get API Key at
  • Tap Save

That’s 2 ways of accepting Bitcoin for Shopify payments. Hope all of you can perform successfully.

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