A comparison between Shopify vs Etsy


A comparison between Shopify vs Etsy

Before going to compare Shopify vs Etsy, we want to say that 2 of them are not in the battle of platform. They are in the battle of method as Shopify is a website while Etsy is a marketplace. Therefore, this comparison will help you decide whether sell on website or marketplace is better.

Let’s start!

Shopify vs Etsy


The money you have to pay depending on the products you sell. At first, Shopify is more expensive due to the subscription to Shopify store. With Etsy, you may pay much due to their transaction fees for a long run.

There is a standard for Shopify‘s pricing page:

  • Starter: $14/month
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Professional: $79/month
  • Unlimited: $179/month

When Shopify users are at Unlimited level and ones use Shopify’s own payment gateway, they don’t have to pay the transaction fee.

Unlike Shopify, Etsy users don’t need to pay anything for membership and subscription but they have to pay for 2 main fees:

  • $0.20 per items listed for 4 months
  • 5% transaction fee in each purchase made


With Shopify, store owners can set up their own design for their store thanks to many of nice themes offered.

With Etsy, users have a standardized Etsy shop design and they will décor their store with logo, layout, etc. supported by Etsy.


Both of them are extremely easy to use and sell products.

Above are the general comparisons between Shopify vs Etsy. We think that it is difficult to say which is better as we have to base on many other factors of business targets.

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